Parenting isn’t only about love and care, Its also about consciously thriving with compassionate communication.

A unique opportunity to enliven, enhance and explore your understanding of learning and children
Gain perspectives on the way you think, do and administer learning, emotions and connection with your children
Empower yourself to empower children!
We meet,share,explore,experience and celebrate


Are you worried about your kids, their growth, success and future, in relation to today’s world?

Do you fear the worst possible outcome for your children?

Do you think that by virtue of being a parent, you need to know the best possible parenting?

Do you feel confused or guilty during your interactions with your children?

Are you interested in gaining new insights of connecting & working with your children?

If you have said “yes” to any of the above, then you are at the right place.

These are few of the common feelings, we as parents have, and gaining new perspectives & insights to empower us as parents with support group, not only helps our children but also lays foundation of joyous conscious parenting journey.

Join us in the parenting journey and reap the benefits of connective, conscious parenting



Learn more on how you can create a joyous, thriving parenting experience with –

  • Understanding of yourself and what works with your children
  • Empowering yourself to empower your child
  • Engaging your child with conscious communication
  • Deepening the bond with a better understanding of the child’s emotions/behavior
  • Improved communication skills to nurture joyous parenting
  • Understanding unconditional love instead of control and conflict
  • Unlock your child’s potential by unlocking your own beliefs about children and learning.
  • Raising emotionally healthy and happy child with emotional intelligence
  • Parenting leadership –leading with love, empathy and connection
  • Practice strategies to work with your situations.
  • Be part of support group with experiences and insights

Parenting is nothing more than raising self and raising our children consciously