Entrepreneurial Skills

“Try not to be the person with all the answers, or with lots of opinions, or too much advice that nobody asked for. Instead, be the one who is curious, confident, caring, and bold enough to inquire.”
— Warren Berger, Innovation Expert and Author

Entrepreneurship is not about having a business, selling products or services, or making lots of money.

It’s about choosing to be creative in whatever you do.
It’s about learning to observe things in an extraordinary way.

It’s a skill, we parents can work on with our younger children (age 10-15 years). It requires parents’ input in terms of creating environment, modeling skill and definitely being a mentor and facilitator.

Few of the tips to get you started:-

Be open to lots of thoughtful questions to ask your children and enjoy the following discussions. If a child desires something, ask him ways he can fulfill his desire besides the most obvious way?
Talk to him about the ways people make money, their ideas, their services, ask them what they observe in those moments. Ask him for options of what can be done as and when he sees an enterprise.

Introduce household chores as joint responsibility and create compassionate boundaries around it.

Have a family IDEA JAR, where everyone puts in an idea a day /week with their name . Have a fun evening with loads of discussions with family.

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