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Whatever brought you to this site—luck, chance, maybe searching for counseling for tweens and teens, STRESS-FREE living or Conscious parenting ways or ways to help youth reach their truest potential—doesn’t matter.

It’s a pleasure to meet you.

consious living

I’m Neetu Shah —youth and parenting coach

I prefer an empathetic approach with patients based on confidentiality and trust.

Flexible use of Motivational Interviewing(MI), acceptance-commitment therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy(CBT), Conscious Parenting, PSCYH-K, and Non-Violent Communication(NVC) allows me to create more awareness of the present, thoughts, and emotions, helping clients to focus on their core values and being more successful in their journey.

The main goal is to share research-based skills to raise an emotionally healthy child and serve as a catalyst for deep emotional bonds between parents and children to leverage their child’s potential.

Oftentimes small tweaks in MINDSET and thought processes can result in huge changes in life.

I work with Children, Teenagers, Young Adults, and Parents (in Dubai & online)who focus on empowering their children and having compassionate connections.

I focus on a very active form of coaching – not just talking or listening about problems. 

Focus is on
• Learning skills to handle difficult thoughts and feelings more effectively, so they
have less impact on you and your relationships.
• Clarifying your ‘values’: what kind of person you want to be, how you want to
treat yourself and others, what you want to stand for in life, what gives you a
sense of meaning or purpose
• Taking committed action: to solve problems and do things that make life better

It’s like playing the guitar (or any other musical instrument you fancy) – needs practice both in session and between sessions.

My core philosophy of parenting is this:

Parenting isn’t about just raising successful children, it’s about creating happier, deeper relationships with emotional strengths and capacity for connection.

When we get the part of emotional strength and connections in parenting right, results follow.

I’ve used this approach to serve my clients as well in my own parenting.


Here are few things I’m good at and can help you with:  

  • Can help deconstruct your limiting beliefs.
  • Can help redefine your mindset   
  • Can help get clarity with your passion, mission, and goal.
  • Can understand and guide with feelings and needs in the relationship
  • Can help with developing a mindfulness practice in relationships with self and others
  • Can mentor teens and youth to accomplish their dream 
  • Can help parents hold on to their kids, be emotions mentor and guide to their child from a young age.
  • Can train teens and youth for success and entrepreneurial skills
  • Can mentor tweens and teens for design thinking and creative thinking skills



    • ​Meet you where you are on your life journey
    • ​Ask DEEP reflective questions
    • Guide you to discovering your true authentic self
    • Create an emotionally safe space for you to process your thoughts 
    • Keep you accountable for the work
    • Help you shift to growth-mindset
    • Gently request to be open to a different perspective
    • Encourage transformation through reflecting on inner thoughts
    • Facilitate you to be centered, be the calm to your emotional storm


Few of Emotional, Relationships, and Mental Challenges I worked with:

  • 19 year old coping with aftereffects of drug addiction and aimlessness
  • 17 year old struggling with focus, concentration, and clarity of career  
  • 16 year old struggling with the first-relationship breakup.
  • Parent finding it challenging to connect, understand disconnected behavior of 16 year old 
  • Family battles between parents and teens leading to shouting, screaming, banging doors, no talking terms and final disconnect 
  • 15 year old struggling to find her voice amidst outgoing siblings and helicopter parent
  • 26-year-old struggling with body image, low self-esteem, and eating habits
  • 31-year-old professional looking for clarity of life goals and meanings
  • Couple facing conflicts and disconnect in married life
  • 16 year old to find her true calling, her element, her passion,do what you love
  • 28 year old to process the grief of the loss of a loved one
  • Working mother challenged by work-life balance and parental guilt
  • 18-year old rebelling against the authoritarian parenting
  • Parent trying to reinstall family values and reconnect with estranged teen.
  • 44 year old mother going through midlife crises
  • Parent trying to motivate and mentor their teenager
  • 25-year-old facing emotional disconnect with parents
  • Parent of 7 year old working on instilling values and morales 


Results from past counsellings:

  • Teens getting more clarity with life goals, following strategies of productivity, excellence  
  • Youth focusing on dreams and branching out of her career.
  • Parent gaining conscious parenting tips and strategies for deeper emotional connection.  
  • Teen developing time management and productivity system to achieve results desired
  • Youth overcoming panic attacks 
  • Youth developing mindfulness and redefining body image 


With a strong belief that every child has a Genius inside him/her, deserves a chance to explore one’s potential to the fullest and Parents being BEST MENTORS & NO.1 INFLUENCERS, I actively manifest my vision of sharing conscious parenting tools, insights, and learnings. Consciousness helps not only in self-transformation to a better self but also in all our relationships.

Passionately working to empower parents to actively engage, each child-parent in their process of joyous connections, guiding them towards authenticity and mindful presence in all aspects of life.


Where it all began…

Life isn’t linear but organic.

As I embarked on my parenting journey, I went with traditional parenting that tells us that love and care is all we need to raise a successful child.

I quickly realized that I, like any other parent, I wanted to make an important contribution, an impact on my child’s life and knew a lot or had good enough knowledge about taking care of my child’s health, food, intelligence like verbal, logical, visual, musical, sports and even interpersonal intelligence and providing enough resources and opportunities for the same.

While there was nothing off about this care, it came with its set of drawbacks in the form of focus on comparisons, achievements, results, rejections, failures, and showed me the mirror of my inability to be an emotional container for my child, helping her navigate her emotions around these big feelings.

I was at a loss of words and had emotions creating havoc whenever she hit any of the big feelings or when life didn’t fall through as my imagined parenting.

I was almost projecting my emotions on her, without understanding her feelings.

For quite some time, I battled demons of orthodox, conditioned, and hierarchical parenting styles.

Early on in my parenting, I decided that I wanted to make an important contribution to my child -that was to instill a love for learning in her and help her navigate her emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. I developed early in my life a commitment to being a life-long learner. This commitment has involved formal, non-formal, and informal education and training

I have sought to realize this goal through my involvement in the field of emotions counselor. For the last 18 years, I have been absorbed in developing my understanding of the impact of parenting on the relationship between parent and child, the emotional health of a child, and of exploring the potential for a fulfilled life in general.

Learning Conscious Living

Mindfulness Learning with Jay Shetty

In quest of providing stress-free parenting, devoid of social and cultural norms and dictates to self, and self-directed learning, joyous living to my child, I studied in various perceptions from Emotions Counselling to research-based modalities (ACT, MI, CBT, NVC) of major educators, psychologists, and parent coaches.

I borrow from Maria Montessori’s approach of hands-on learning to John Holt’s self-directed learning approach, from Naomi Aldrot’s Raising Oneself to Raise Children to Dr. Shefali Tsabary ‘s Conscious Parenting, from Dr. Dan Seigel”s the whole brainchild to Dr Carol Dwek’s Growth mindset, from Dr. Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence to Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick, Habits of Mind, from creativity & design thinking facilitation to psych -k (change in subconscious mind & limiting beliefs) and avid practice of mindful meditation (vipassana), all leading to enrichment of on-going journey of learning and experiences with self and parents.

Learning Conscious Parenting

Awakening self with Dr. Shefali

Of the multitude of opportunities I have benefited from, it is clear that my preferred style of learning is best served through application learning with my parenting and my clients, on all stages, from young children, tweens to teens, and now an adult.

The methodology that has emerged from this work is at the core of my journey and I am on a mission to be of value to other parents and youth on their conscious, mindful journey.

Why do I tell you all this?

Because this site is about learning from my mistakes as well as learning. It’s about you avoiding loggerheads, war-zones, dead ends I drove myself into before I dwell into my struggles with consciousness and mindful parenting to not only help myself but provide ground for my teenager to reach her truest authentic self.

As I understood, Conscious parenting as a means of raising myself, looking within to discover the underlying reasons behind why I act and feel the way I do , I can clearly see the patterns and co-creation of my daughter’s action. As a conscious parent, I strive to ensure that my parenting practices accurately model the positive conscious example, I want my child to emulate.

It’s not always easy and takes commitment, I often make mistakes, learn from those dips in a conscious loving way.

Like it or not, we are products of our upbringing, past conditioning, social-cultural beliefs and, if observed carefully, we instinctively use the parenting model of our own parents.

Our thoughts and beliefs, our habitual actions, and reactions are passed down daily to our children.

Through a clear understanding of our thoughts and feelings, deconstructing our beliefs, we can choose to notice and make changes in our behaviors and raise conscious children.

I work, to be of value, as a conscious parent coach, an emotions counselor, alternate education facilitator, passionate about exploring dynamics of a parent-child relationship, manifesting space for youth to reach their truest self, and mentoring parents to facilitate the conscious, mindful self and parenting.

Upgrading knowledge, blending eastern and western psychology, constantly revisiting child-developmental paradigms, helps me in enhancing coaching for children and parents, to attain their highest potential, true to their authenticity.


To build a community of conscious parents Mentors, shifting the conditioned parental paradigms and cultivating holistic, profound surroundings for each child to bloom to its strongest self with Family counseling.

To imbibe a love for learning, innovative and design thinking skills, entrepreneurial and success skills in young minds as stepping stones to the real world.

Humble invitation to charitable organizations, parent groups, and self–help groups to join us for this wonderful conscious journey.

To connect with me, you can email me or find me on nearly every major social media channel. My favorite is Instagram.

P.S. Please share this site with anyone who you think might benefit.