Raise yourself before you raise your child!

Guilt-free awakening as a person, a parent to inspire your child.
Celebrate the uniqueness of your dynamics with your child rather than going by the definition 
Find your inner calling and be the best version of yourself.
Dwell into your signature personality, skills, and attributes.

Self- care FIRST


As they tell us on airplanes,  to put our own oxygen masks on first before helping others.

That’s true for parents, that’s true for working parents and that’s true for parents who *are* not working professionally!

A few well-spent hours engaged with your inner self, non -judgemental and non-critical way, helps you and your child form deeper bonds irrespective of your profession.

Self Care is Not Selfish 

Parenting is a journey and you can’t be running on empty . Taking care of one’s emotional turmoils, fears, worries shouldn’t be labeled as selfish because a person carrying emotional baggage will project it on others. Self-care, self-work to raise one’s consciousness can be a gift to a child as well as a parent 

Guilt is an emotional baggage 

Being guilty in any relationship does show it through and talks a lot about the parent’s inner turmoil, unmet needs, and unresolved emotions. A child is unaware of all this but can sense the emotions. What good does guilt do to any relationship besides overindulging, overgiving just to compensate, or to self-sabotage with thoughts of irresponsibility?

Life can have situations forcing one to make choices between career and responsibility but guilt could be unfolded, be calm and contented with whatever choices you make.

Offload your emotional baggage to avoid any emotional damage to yourself or your child.

Parenting is a self-journey and guilt hinders your way forward 

Parenting is not only about taking care of your child, but it’s also about self-growth, raising yourself because a child brings out the authentic self of a parent, a self which even the parent wasn’t aware of. Parenting is one of the relationships, you can’t get out of, unlike other personal and professional relationships. It makes it a much more fulfilling, rewarding experience for parents to be the better version of themselves.




Is it possible to navigate guilt?

Guilt is an unhappy feeling you get because you think you have done something wrong. It needs a deeper dwelling of your thoughts around parenting and child care. Our thoughts can be from our preconditioned mindset, it can be from our unmet needs or it can simply be the story we tell ourselves. It requires deep deconstruction and reflections of one’s feelings and needs.

Guilt-free parenting

I hope you are pondering and reflecting on how guilt affects and how you can explore guilt-free parenting. I would love to be part of your exploration, in Dubai (U.A.E) or online, and be the medium for your journey to your best parenting version.


How do to navigate G.U.I.L.T

  • Garner support, information, and understanding from like-minded parents.
  • Understand the uniqueness of your situation and delete comparison from your life.
  • Innovate ways of connecting at a deeper level with your child, working around with crunch of time, and designing ways to enter their world at their level.
  • Leverage part of your responsibilities, your job but focus on prioritizing emotional connections with your children, on being their mentor and guide.
  • Treat yourself, your dreams, and your goals with equal compassion and love as you do for your parenting goals



guilt free parenting

Never met a person who is happy in life, if he/she is not happy in PARENTING.