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Do you desire guilt-free ‘Quality Time’ with your child?

Am I a ‘Good Parent’? Am I spending enough ‘Quality Time’ with my child? Are you constantly plagued by these...
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How to motivate a teenager who doesn’t care?

Do you feel your child is lazy, unmotivated? Do you struggle to motivate a lazy teenager?  Have you ever wondered...
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Who else wants more calm & less stress in their parenting?

Do you lose your calm when your child doesn't listen to your wisdom? The reason our child rocks our calm...
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Counseling for anxious teens and tweens in Dubai – take this first step !!!

Thousands of teens now manage anxiety, who never thought they could. Thousands of children now manage exam stress who never...
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How to hold emotionally safe space for your troubled teen?

When you see a troubled teenager, do you only see behavioral and learning problems? Are you able to get a...
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4 Questions to take any relationship (parenting included) to a better emotional space

Do you feel lost in your emotional interactions within your family? Do wish for more calm in your relationships? Do...
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Teenagers are confused , but parents can help them gain clarity.

Most of the teens and tweens are confused with their thoughts about their career , their feelings and changes they...
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Counseling -My goal is to become obsolete for my clients

Counseling I can easily put it as  the reason to learn, share and have mindful life experiences . Working with...
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Why mindfulness practice is a MUST for Parenting? 

Parenting is generally ruled by fear of the future and is a projection from one's past experiences during growing up...
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Single Parenthood

"Neetu Shah is a very skilled and an amazing Counselor and Life coach. Her sessions are quite affordable as well. I have been taking sessions with her and it has helped me tremendously in overcoming my fears, organizing my thoughts and streamlining my actions and habits as a parent and most importantly as a human being. She is turning my journey; of self exploration, parenting and of putting life learned lessons to work; into a creative form of art which is thoroughly refreshing and empowering.". -- Khadija.ab

Deeper level of consciousness

I was in awe of Neetu's ability to make me feel so comfortable to share the most intimate details of my life with her and having her take it one step at a time when dealing with my emotions. I admire her ability to guide you to think for yourself and to get you to answer your concerns by helping you see your life from a deeper level of consciousness. She has helped me shape my life story in a way that has given me tremendous amounts of hope for who I am today and what I want to be in the future. With all my gratitude, Zahra Bagat

Legal Dept ,Pepsi / Pepsi ,Dubai

Conscious Parenting Coaching

" Hi Neetu , I felt good after talking to you ,it was like opening of new window ,new thinking process . " - Ms. Anna

Conscious Parenting Coaching

" Hi Neetu,Yesterday after our parenting session ,when I reached home ,I felt at peace with myself and my mind. Just Sharing my experiences with you. I still feel good today. Thank you for your help and advice ." Mrs. K. S .

Thank you. I really appreciate what you did with Ahmed. And I hope all my kids participate next time. - Ahmed’s Mom

One of the places, my daughter looks forward to going - Manisha, mother of 10 year old

The thing I want to change about workshop is to have more days and more activities

What I like best about workshops is the challenges and games - 11 Year old Ahmed

It helped improve my presentation skills as well as make me change the way I think

One thing that I will do differently after camp is to be more respectful & work together to present your ideas properly

One thing I will you DO DIFFERENT at home or at school as a result of workshop is to think outside the box, pay attention and write down everything, do more work, show more respect to my team master.

That girls can be entrepreneurs to & be in the shoes of real CEO’s and customers - Attendee of Young Entrepreneurs Workshop

What I got most inspired about my experience at Discover Me -Ability to speak openly and work together in a group & the high level of creativity, thinking outside the box

I learnt that entrepreneurship, money is not everything and that ideas are more important.

The most important thing learned at DISCOVER ME - How to think outside the box

This camp changes your understanding at business and put you on your way to success - Participant of Inspiring Young Entrepreneur Camp

It’s a once in a lifetime experience - Attendee of Discover me Spring Camp

You will learn to be in a group and understand and accept others ideas - 11 year Old Adam

You learn things that you won’t learn anywhere else, such as the 3 C’s - Participant of Young Entrepreneur Camp.