Conscious parenting tools

Did your child receive doses of vitaminEQ ?

VITAMIN EQ BEFORE ACADEMIA IQ Did your child get a good dose of vitamin EQ (Emotional Intelligence) while working on their IQ? Isnt’ academic performance is all it takes to be successful and emotions will definitely fall into place once success happens? Shouldn’t we, as parents should be preparing him for future success, for living […]


IF LIFE HAVE A REMOTE CONTROL THEN THE ONLY BUTTON WE CAN PRESS IS PAUSE. PLAY IS ON DEFAULT. REPLAY AND FORWARD DOESN’T EXIST. Press P.A.U.S.E Besides the importance of Pause in our lives , the acronym of P.A.U.S.E became much more important in today’s time of uncertainty.I would love to share the understanding of […]


If you feel better than other person in any relationship -be it parent child, marriage or friendship, all you are doing is projecting CONTEMPT. Criticism for long time clubbed with heavy intensity develops negative thoughts about other and leads to contempt. Ways we communicate with contempt, when • Treat with disrespect • mock them with […]

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

We, parents, are a pro in visualization of the worst possible thing that could happen to our children and we do it with tons of worrying, anxiety, and fear attached to it. Almost every parent worries, to the extent of fear, about the future of their child and gets embroiled in negative visualization where a […]