Does keeping information about your children sound a bit cold?

Do you “keep tabs” on each of your children?
Does keeping information about your children sound a bit aloof?
Is it about trust or giving a child a safe framework to navigate?

When parents tell me that I want to trust my child and give him full control of his screen.
And when the same parent is losing his cool seeing the child on screen most of the time, then I wonder as what would this parent do when he sees a mad dog attacking his child,-would he stand idly and say “I must do nothing, I must prove my faith and trust.”!!!

If it’s hampering the safety and well-being of his child, he would not refuse the assistance of a club or a gun.
But, If you reduce the size of a mad dog to trillions of screen distractions & call it screen time, the same parent might refuse the help of a parenting coach, who brings in the tools in the form of creating meaningful boundaries, understanding of natural consequences or compassionate connections.

Try and understand his need for screen time
Replace expectations with acceptance
Develop your focus on the present moment
Have meaningful conversations
Listen to him without judgment
Be aware of your own beliefs, fears, and conditioning
Try to negotiate with neutral energy.
Come to common ground
Create awareness of natural consequences

You see, children remember all interactions with their parents.
They might not only remember the interactions but for sure remember how it made them feel, how it made them develop self-image and perception of life.
Don’t we as parents remember feelings if we dig deeper into our emotions and beliefs. Most of it arises from parents, family, society.

Choose to convert your interactions into meaningful, joyous influences & memory.

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