Do you remember the last meaningful one-to-one conversation ?

Let me ask you: Do you retrieve your child’ latest report card details?
If yes, then how does it compare to the one before or was it you comparing with someone else’s report card? What was your child’s sentiments about the report card, what was his foremost concern?

Remember the last meaningful one-to-one conversation you two had?
Did it involve his expressions / his opinions without your judgment, or was it ONLY your knowledge and wisdom (lecturing).

Real causes to essential problems or rather, most of the issues are usually buried several layers deep, and we need to peel each layer like onions.
By becoming good at asking the appropriate question at the apt time with the proper tone and energy, we can save ourselves an immense amount of time and get to the root of the problem much faster.

The challenge is to have the right mindset, and conscious parenting is the answer. Being mindful of the present moment, developing compassionate communication and unconditional love is the key.
You will not only help your child solve his problem but also help yourself to be more connected as a parent.

The unconditional love and compassion, which was for young children, get infected with the journey of time and our past conditioning, society, culture takes over, leaving both parents and children disengaged.

Let’s break the pattern and reclaim our compassion with conscious parenting.

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