Are you a role model for your children

It’s about opening your mind, unlocking your CHILD’S potential, exploring outside the box THINKING.
The best education is learning from experience and we learn creativity and innovation by doing activities in fun-filled environment with our loved ones.
Explore your child’s unique intelligencein new and innovative ways.


Celebrate and enhance your child’s uniqueness with detailed ,descriptive exercises and ongoing guidance.

Don’t lose his unique potential to sameness or standard copying and following instructor’s formula

How would it be when your child is empowered with multiple intelligences and right-brain learning to enhance his creative MUSCLES rather than simply copying someone else’s work?
Let CREATIVE GENIUS be your child’s exploration ground to exciting, experiential and engaged learning of creative mindset.

Let your child engage with weekly creative exercises

  • Receive detailed descriptive exercises on FB POST/ WHAT’S APP / EMAIL,
  • Exercises cater for both ON-THE GO FUN or/and CHILLING TIME at home with in house materials.
  • A reflective interactions for parents,with FB LIVE and Webinars.
  • Tools for communicating during exercise ,staying motivated to embrace everyday tasks in playful and adventurous way
  • Self- directed learning tools of observation skills.

We encourage parents to be part of FB GROUP of creative minded parents , with a free space to share views ,learnings and guidance of creativity coach.

Activities are not an end in itself, but it is preparation for life of creative thinking habits and connecting with your child.

Connect and Empower Creative Thinking skills

  • Join mailing list and connect on FACE BOOK
  • Explore activities with guided observation, imagination and composition skills
  • Learn Tools of multiple intelligence to experience creative thinking skills.
  • Tackle creative blocks with ON-THE-GO activities & develop the ability to develop multiple ideas
  • Share your process on FB group to expand creative capacity
  • Use reflectionto lookbeyond
  • Small project with parents to enhance creative thinking habits
  • Communicate for further growthand self-motivation

Choose BETTER over different

Empower your child with creativity

Gift OUT-OF-BOX experience

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