Why kids never act just the way they say they will in all those parenting books,especially new borns ?

Do you know parents emotional maturity plays important role in child’s emotional well being?
Why Unconditonal love for new born transforms to conditoned love with years?
Is parenting more then love and care ?

“What to Expect, not Expect; How to Talk, not Talk ?”

Not really. Sort of like snowflakes, they’re all different.
Children are like that, but worse.
Or better.

There’s never been a parenting problem nor did the solution, which turned out just the way the book says it will. That’s what makes it more interesting.
Sure, there’s a science.
Sure there’s past parenting experience.
Sure there are ways, parents themselves have been parented.
Sure, that’s the way you have seen parenting in your culture.

There are best practices that, more often than not, pay off. Sort of like not giving a toddler vodka… or holding your child when he is trying to run off on a busy street, it’s just a good idea.
But the art of parenting is in understanding that all children, their personalities, parent-child dynamics are different and that your insight and mindfulness are the keys.
Conscious parenting is a Parent’s ability to be aware of his /her thoughts, beliefs, and conditioning, ability to navigate emotions which in turn affect actions and be completely present with a child without any judgments or expectations.
It’s about connecting with the child, understanding the problem from his perspective and helping him navigate his thoughts and emotions.

It brings blissful connections and provides each child to bloom, grow, and own his/her authenticity.

“Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, every movement, and action affects. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than a parent.” – Bob Keeshan

Would you have it any other way?

Just Begun parenting journey shares consciousness perspectives, prompting you to change how you think about parenting.

  • Your child is through you , not you or your shadow .
  • Question beliefs around parenting and trust your instincts
  • Be clear with your intent of having a child
  • Remember,children are born learners, you just need to provide life enhancing environment ,both emotionally and physically.E
  • Cultivate close relationships with your children
  • Explore compassionate communication
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Be open to ingenuous changes

“Be the parent today that you want your kids to remember tomorrow.”

Join us on a conscious parenting journey.

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