Empowered PARENTING : Drawing out the best in those you lead

I am here to help you be the PARENT LEADER

Let’s explore opportunities for parents to Discover, Design, and Develop Conscious parenting to reach the truest potential in the child.

Our mission is to work with awareness, mindfulness, and compassion, to develop children into “INDEPENDENT LEARNERS, THINKERS, SUCCESSFUL INDIVIDUALS and LEADERS”

Nurturing Young Children

For parents of Young children within Age Group – (3-12yrs)

How would it be when a parent is empowered with emotional tools, mindful presence to help their children having joyous and fulfilling growing up years. Let consciousness lead to exciting, deeply connected relationships.

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Connecting with adolescents

For parents of children within Age Group – (13-19 yrs)

We can’t hold on to inherited, old parenting skills or the way we were parented as the whole growing up scenario has changed. Time is very crucial as they will soon fly off the nest and us parents can’t deeply influence them later.

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Empty Nest, What Next

For parents of young adults  

Deconstruct the thoughts and emotions around the empty nest and evolve self to the next level.

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Guilt-Free Parenting

For parents with guilt

Comprises of self-care, conscious questioning that uncovers guilt & fear

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Inner Re: Work

Online Workshops for parents 

Sharing consciousness perspectives, prompting you to change how you think about parenting.

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Thinking Hive

A community for parents.Sharing multiple perspectives on different aspects of conscious parenting, mindfulness, and child-empowerment

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