teen parent relationship

How to motivate a teenager who doesn’t care?

Do you feel your child is lazy, unmotivated? Do you struggle to motivate a lazy teenager?  Have you ever wondered what motivates someone, especially teenagers? Parents are worried if their teen is unmotivated to even complete homework then how will they be able to do work independently in college, career, job, life.  Indeed, solid work […]

How not to be an outdated PARENT ?

Are you an updated or outdated PARENT? We, parents, struggle to keep up to our child’s thought process, especially during their tweens and teenage years. Partly because of the internet, screen time, friends, academics take over. And more so ever their hormonal changes take over, and we find it challenging to find time and context […]


” I DON’T KNOW ’” When I heard this n number of times during my counselling session of a teenager ,I wondered ,does he really so doesn’t know or is he trying to avoid talking. We were having a session to help him find his element , his flow . All I could gather was […]

How our parenting patterns affect our children?

Parenting Patterns -Really !!!!! When I first heard this word during my Conscious Parenting learnings,I wondered as what could it possibly be . Aren’t we all parenting the same way we have been parented or the way our culture,society ,friends ,relatives do parenting. I know ,with definite exceptions ,of being aware of not repeating certain […]