How not to be an outdated PARENT ?

Are you an updated or outdated PARENT?

We, parents, struggle to keep up to our child’s thought process, especially during their tweens and teenage years. Partly because of the internet, screen time, friends, academics take over.
And more so ever their hormonal changes take over, and we find it challenging to find time and context to connect with them.
We might be aware of all the latest happenings, apps on the internet, but are we aware of how our teen uses it. Parents have come up to me and said that they trust their child and would like to give them space. I am, a massive advocate of indef art space, but just being aware of the consumption of the internet by our teens, -is about being updated Parenting.
“My teen asks me not to be nosy and trust him”-how do I know anything? “said one of the parent. Well, that’s the place for a parent to grow out of his old parenting style of linear, authoritarian Parenting.
And try to think from his teens perspective, put himself in his shoes, empathize with his being, and have compassionate communication.
It might look a little too far-fetched idea and that also with a teenager, but then it’s the only chance to connect, update ourselves.
If we want really to have a compassionate relationship with them, we need to upgrade our parenting quotient, before they fly out of the nest and get busy with life.
Connecting with teens and tweens at a deeper level is more challenging in today’s age of distraction.

Our parenting patterns have taught them what to say, how to behave in front of us and play safe.
We need to change our parenting patterns and try to find common ground with our teens based on empathy and dialogue.
That’s the place parents need to update themselves to conscious Parenting.
Reading Books on conscious Parenting, attending workshops, listening to podcasts, talking to coaches and therapist, joining groups of like-minded parents and doing whatever is required to enter their world.
Upgrading themselves is more important for parents of teenage boys, as they feel find it more so challenging to connect with them.

When was the last time, your teens talked about his failures, his frustrations, his discomfort, his challenges, his emotional pains and when was the last time, you listened to them with
empathy, compassion.
It’s high time to up your game parents.
Either we update our consciousness or lose our kids to overgrowing technical emptiness, distraction, and emotional void.

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