What’s the worst thing that could happen?

We, parents, are a pro in visualization of the worst possible thing that could happen to our children and we do it with tons of worrying, anxiety, and fear attached to it.

Almost every parent worries, to the extent of fear, about the future of their child and gets embroiled in negative visualization where a child might be a jobless, educationless, homeless, drug addict or failure by social norms.

How about if we practice negative visualization but without worry or fear?

According to STOICISM, in order to have peace, happiness, and tranquility, practicing something like negative visualization helps.
Negative visualization is imagining the worst thing that could happen in order to be prepared if certain pleasures and privileges were taken away.

Let’s say, your child comes home with a “D or F” grade and you start fearing, worrying everything about his future. All of these negative visualizations are projected in your actions and behavior towards the incident. You project the same fear and anxiety on the child.
And hence, the chance to handle the situation objectively, having a compassionate connection with the child, understanding his feelings and thoughts to work from here gets LOST.

As we miss on being in the present moment, work from whatever it is and transport ourselves into future visualization, which anyways is not in our hands, we miss on the biggest life lessons of being in the moment.

What if we practice visualization, and reflect on negative events happening in the present but without worrying about them, without attaching stories.

What worse do you think could happen?

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