Most of the academia focuses on hard skills

And its soft skills which is make or break it
criteria in one's career and personal life.
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Are you feeding your child with answers?

When our children ask questions, it is natural for us to want to answer them.

But if we just give them the facts, we are not helping them to be curious or think for themselves.

This will not prepare them well for a world where they will have to compete with others.

Wouldn’t it be better if we encouraged them to explore and find answers together?

Most of the parents find it essential to answer questions of their young children, especially if children ask the question with a why or how.
As parents, we feel that we are responsible for our child’s thinking process, his knowledge, and so on.
They get passive information without using any of their thinking skills, curiosity, or efforts.

The process continues in school where most children learn what they are told they have to learn.

Just feeding information is a colossal disservice to the curious, creative mind of a child.

How about trying the ” LET’S FIND OUT ” approach whenever the child gets curious.

Its a great opportunity to explore together and connect with your child, challenging his thinking process, engaging his creativity.

Conscious parenting will try to create opportunities for investigation.

It’s not about getting the right answer or useful information but more so about engaging in the process of finding out.
How can we know what will be useful information when it is extremely likely that most of the most valuable information in the future is
yet to be discovered.