Get better Mindset

A Word for Parents: Get Better Mindset

Get Better Mindset helps us bounce back from challenges and prepares us to succeed in a world full of unknowns.

To see yourself as well as your children as a work in progress and to look forward with optimism and openness.

GET BETTER MINDSET COUNSELING FOR PARENTS, loaded with personal coaching ,activity-based learning experiences banking heavily on exploration and self-reflection.

  • Developing a growth mindset is a choice that can positively impact your personal and professional life. Researched and proven.
  • How the brain works. Difference between Growth and Fixed mindsets.
  • Self-Assess their own mindset and develop a toolkit of strategies for children
  • Attitude about Self as Learner.

Expectations & Achievements

  • Learn to use brain- wise study strategies to make this happen
  • Raises participants achievement by helping them develop a growth mindset
  • Ignites motivation and self efficacy through the growth mindset
  • Become resilient
  • Achieve more in parenting and elsewhere

There are amazing resources online to dwell into and one of my personal favorites is one with just 30 minutes required time – Mindset Kit

We all fall into a fixed mindset thinking at times. The first step is to become aware of our language and energy around it , that signals mindset.

Here are some brain musings:

  1. How do  you  praise effort, strategies, and progress and how much are you aware of it ?
  2. What thoughts do you have when you see your child struggling? How do you help them understand that it is during struggles that the brain grows the most .when their brain is growing most?
  3. What thoughts did you have when your child excelled? Was your focus was on results or the process that went into success ?
  4. What kinds of fixed and growth-mindset statements does your child make? How much of it is result oriented and focused?

What We Value

• Intelligence Praise: “Wow, that’s a really
good score. You must be smart at this.”

• Effort (Process) Praise: “Wow, that’s a
really good score. You must have tried
really hard.”

Mueller & Dweck, 1998

Question Time

We are often asked as to how does a growth mindset works in a competitive environment -sports, academics or any field.

Well, if we look closely and study the most excellent minds in any field, the growth mindset is the answer. We have a choice to let our children choose growth mindset and excel their own being, irrespective of surroundings and competitions, and grow for life or fall into trap of competition with others with a fixed mindset, which might produce few results for short term to satisfy ego but growth can’t sustain without getting better with GROWTH mindset.


What to Praise

• Effort, struggle, persistence despite setbacks
• Strategies, choices
• Choosing difficult tasks
• Learning, improving

Here to get you started:-

Action Time

  •  Ask yourself “What is being praised?” Is it effort, strategy, persistence, focus, and improvement, or results, a fixed trait or ability?
  • When you  make a mistake, ask yourself “Does my reaction  encourage learning and growth, or does it encourage my child, to avoid challenges in the future?
  • Keep a track of what your child says or does that signals a fixed or a growth mindset. Make them aware of it.



“I don’t divide the world into the weak and the strong, or the successes and the failures…
 I divide the world into the learners and non-learners.”

— Benjamin Barber