Counseling for anxious teens and tweens in Dubai – take this first step !!!

Thousands of teens now manage anxiety, who never thought they could.

Thousands of children now manage exam stress who never thought they could.

Anxious teens need us to help them navigate their stress and thrive.

Anxiety and stress in children and teens are like being trapped in a vicious cycle.
Social anxiety in children not only cripples their growth but damages their authenticity.
Exam anxiety in children hinders their performance and adds to fear and stress of the future.

Emotions Counselor suggests this simple Anxiety management strategy to help your child thrive in awesomeness.

Counseling tip to handle anxiety in teens and tweens

Anxiety dump technique 

  • Write /dump your anxious thoughts on a piece of paper by constantly writing, nonstop, non-judging for around 10 minutes or 3 pages.
  • Use this technique anytime, you feel anxious or first thing in the morning.
  • It doesn’t have to make sense. It could be most vague or most confusing writing but it’s not to be read after being written, remember it’s a dump and we are not searching this dump for any meaning.
  • Its a ritual like meditation
    It’s not to control or avoid the feelings but rather training in acceptance before going to the next step of deconstruction of needs and thoughts, under night he choices and actions.

break free from anxiety

How journaling helps anxiety in teens?

  • Help teen break free from exam stress
  • Help children break free from the cycle of worrying
  • The goal is to let out anxious thoughts, be in the flow and overcome the crippling body sensations which grip us during anxiety.
  • It’s a step to get out of our mind, to let the thoughts go on paper.

This first step in handling anxiety help in developing acceptance of the situation as it is, let us separate thoughts and feelings, understand one’s needs, creating openness to make choices and what action to take.

How can parents help anxious teenagers?

  • Be coach-like by providing space to share and asking reflective questions.
  • Be non-judgemental of their journey, personality, and efforts.
  • Provide calm safe emotional space by maintaining your own emotional triggers(parents who have tried anxiety dump exercise for themselves have felt more at calm )

anxious teens in dubai

IMPORTANT steps to break free from anxiety

  • Be consistent on your anxiety dump rituals
  • Read books ,Listen to podcasts
  • Connect with emotions counselor for teens and take personalized next steps to handle anxiety and stress.

Connect with Emotions counselor for teens in Dubai/online

Neetu Shah is an emotions counselor for teens and youth, who works with anxiety,stress,feelings, thoughts,dreams,desires,skills ,attitudes ,mindset to help them achieve what make them come alive.

Is investing in anxiety management- EXPENSIVE, TIME-CONSUMING?