Every Parent need to learn this

Recall your experience with GPS services /google maps.

How did it feel when you were not criticized for wrong turn but were guided from where you were?
How did you feel when you knew that even with any wrong turn, GPS will be there to help you?
How did it feel to trust on GPS completely to reach your destination?
Well, it definitely has its mishaps but works brilliantly most of the time.
Can you imagine if parent developed the quality of a GPS services, if they could course correct, accept and adapt as per the situation their child is in, before course correcting.
Can you imagine how your child will feel about you course correcting him on his mistake rather than screaming or punishing.
Can you imagine your child’s feeling when at his wrong doing, you accept it and try to look beyond his behavior, try to understand his need behind the behavior and address that with compassion.
                                                                      From DR LAURA.COM
Imagine the connections and trust you develop with your child by being their GPS , Guiding light .
As you connect with the child, be in his space, try to understand his feelings and needs, it becomes much easier to course correct him.
Nothing could replace what compassionate conscious parenting brings to child’s life.
Be your child’s most important navigation tool .

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