Let go of fears & Embrace present moment

Are you crushing your child with fears by showing them worst possible outcomes?
Are these acquired fears or society induced fears in you which you project on your child?
Can fear be a motivator or hurdle ?

Do you want to talk yourself out of fear first ?
Ask as what are your genuine fears?
Which fears are society induced ?

Possibility is that most of our fears are induced by world around us –as baby is not born with any of the fear of disappointment ,rejection. hurt ,failure or pain .
All these are induced by people around her who themselves are living with these fears ,so they project the same,

No child comes with the fear of being rejected on how he/she looks or fear of failure when he learns to walk or crawl, or fear of feeling pain when falling down. Its when adult in his life induce these fears, he started living by it.

We all are products of some of other form of unconsciousness and have projected it around us.

Now is the time to undo it .
Now is the time to work on our mindset which has been infested with fears .
Now is the time to focus more on process , on learning from young child.
Now is the time to be in the moment , to embrace the moment AS IT IS ,without injecting any future fear.


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