Parenting and creativity

What has parenting got to do with creativity ? How’s child’s creativity influenced by parenting ?
Well ,to understand this , we must be clear on what’s creativity ?


Creativity can take several forms as an idea, a joke, an artistic or literary work, a painting or musical composition, a solution, an invention or anything done differently.
For example Painting is just a form of creativity, but not all types of painting or not all painters can be considered creative. Similarly, not all creative people can be considered painters.

We believe children are by nature creative and that in the right atmosphere and with the right creative training and tools everyone can tap into this inherent talent. That is where parenting plays a huge role.
During my experiences as creativity coach ,most of the children in workshop ,demonstrated highly attuned , creative engagement with the activity and there was evident joy and fun during the process .
During one of the workshops ,had a young girl , all willing to dive into creative process of designing a burger , taking chances enjoying the process (which most of them do as we work with non-judgmental ,process oriented approach)
She was very happy to share her work,her experience with her mother but was in for a surprise as her mother compared her work with her friend from art class (where observation skills , drawing skills were more focused compared to creative thinking skills and the art work was copy of teacher’s interpretation of object)
The whole act of creativity took drastic turn based on parental responses as parent failing to understand the process and being mired in results .
No wonder that from next session,this young girl chose to be careful ,not take chances and focus on results rather then enjoying process.
If a parent could understand the process of the activity,admire child;s engagement during the activity and could see the creative thinking skills implied ,then his/her response to child was filled with curiosity , listening and connection .This in turn encouraged child to dwell deeper in his creativity , take more risks to think outside the box ,with more confidence.
If a parent operates from conditioned beliefs , looks for the results , compare it with other results , feel disappointed if results doesn’t suit his/her belief , have conditioned interpretation and understanding of term creativity ,then the influence on child’s creativity leads to doom,restriction and sometimes completely giving up on it with belief that one is not creative enough.

While there is no harm in looking for results , but there is definitely a big risk in comparing ,without understanding the process.
There is also a parental concern about future results these kind of creative exercises might produce . For that the simple answer will be defined by how one rates future outcome of healthy eating , emotional well-being ,academic performance ,social interactions and creative thinking .

Do you agree that Parents make a powerful difference in how children learn, think and create?

Conscious parenting not only helps kids become emotionally healthy but also encourages creativity.

We parents choose to focus on academics ,social skills , emotional skills and creative skills based on our preconditioned thoughts and beliefs around it .To thrive in today’s world ,we need a good combination of all of these skills .

What would you choose ?

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