How to imbibe success skill of ideation in your child

Meet Sara, a academically brilliant student ,takes pride in her work and her results and achievements ,makes her parents proud.
Her achievements left no doubt of her success in future . But when Sara was asked in our CREATIVITY workshop ,to design and create new water bottle and give 10 ideas to start with , she was lost after first 4 ideas . which were basic repetition of existing.

The question – Do you feel creativity is essential skills for 21 century , can be easily answered by just looking around where new products , services and their providers not only scale heights of success but also love the job they do.
While there is no denial that academic skills are required , but today’s world requires other success skills like creativity more than ever.

Creative thinking skills is
Generating and testing new ideas.
Being innovative, inventive and enterprising.

Creativity and innovation have been highlighted as essential skills for the 21st century .
This characteristic has been valued because of its importance in promoting individual well-being, in both personal and professional achievements (Wechsler & Nakano, 2018), and in the important contributions that it can bring to humanity (Krentzman, 2013; Pfeiffer & Wechsler, 2013).


How do parenting helps child imbibe ideation

Conscious Parenting Tools

Provide judgment free -environment at your home to encourage creativity. Ask open-ended question to encourage creativity. e.g. What’s a better way to eat spaghetti or rather then answering to child’s query -ask him open ended question on his query..
Face constraints to any events to encourage child to come up with alternative ways to solve problems. e.g. the spaghetti solution must include a spoon.
Encourage your child to come up with as many ideas as they can for a problem ( find loads of exercise on our facebook page )
Can they come up with 10 ideas in 10 minutes?
What is the craziest idea they can think of?
What if they had all the money in the world…?
Try to include ideation process as your weekly ritual . Ask your child for help you .

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