How To Know Your Emotions Better

Every emotion we feel is because of the thought we have. Emotions then trigger action and behavior. You can’t feel angry without a thought attached to the incident (which is neutral). It is always a thought attached and which thought is assigned to which incident is coming from our belief system and conditioning. It is […]

How not to be an outdated PARENT ?

Are you an updated or outdated PARENT? We, parents, struggle to keep up to our child’s thought process, especially during their tweens and teenage years. Partly because of the internet, screen time, friends, academics take over. And more so ever their hormonal changes take over, and we find it challenging to find time and context […]

How to imbibe success skill of ideation in your child

Meet Sara, a academically brilliant student ,takes pride in her work and her results and achievements ,makes her parents proud. Her achievements left no doubt of her success in future . But when Sara was asked in our CREATIVITY workshop ,to design and create new water bottle and give 10 ideas to start with , […]


We humans have always held our kids since their birth , be be holding them physically or emotionally . It comes very naturally to us as we are responsible to keep them healthy and safe. During their growing up years , we want to hold onto our kids to help them evolve to their truest […]

Every Parent need to learn this

Recall your experience with GPS services /google maps. How did it feel when you were not criticized for wrong turn but were guided from where you were? How did you feel when you knew that even with any wrong turn, GPS will be there to help you? How did it feel to trust on GPS […]

If your child could choose parents ?

If he/she could choose his/her parents then what do you think would they be expecting. It’s a question, which I dreaded myself as a parent, but when I paused and reflected on it, I had amazing realization and awareness started setting in. Questions I reflected on:- How am I doing my parenting? Is it anywhere […]