What happens in parenting ,which shifts our love for child’s learning to our fear of his future, fear generated by comparison . Where does this shift happens when the child and parent ,their love and connection for each other is same . When does the connection shifts to fear of our child will be left […]

Spring Camp For Kids

Little Explorers’ Spring Camp 2016 has a range of fun educational activities for children aged between 3 to 8 years old. With a new theme each week, the three-week camp also has new photography sessions in collaborations with the Kids Photo Club. The camp takes place at Little Explorers, Sunday to Thursday from March 20­April […]

Making kids thinkers, leaders

Inspiring Young Entrepreneur workshop is an opportunity for teens in Dubai to experience one of the top five workshops of the US as named by CNN Money. Discover Me, a KHDA accredited institute, is planning an Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs workshop, an immersive experience to learn, innovate, design, aspire, and pitch competition for budding young entrepreneurs, […]

Art for troubled Teenagers

Troubled teenagers are sadly becoming a world-wide statistic. We watch teens in news and we read about them in newspapers. The epidemics of bad behavioral teen is unusually new in our times. If one suggestion to counteract this rapidly growing issue is to be made, it is simple and practical: adopting art outlets for troubled […]

How to truly help your child be self-rooted

When do children enter teenage years? When their ages end in the classic “teen”? Think again! If pre-teen syndrome is a phenomenon, than teenagers are definitely an age before the teen suffix. The point being made here, is that the children we seem to think, will remain so, for a long time, are actually rapidly […]