Parents are Primary INFLUENCERS

Well, for obvious reasons  Do you remember, your own parents influence on you? We all agree that no one knows or understand a child more than a parent and no one else can influence child more than a parent, especially in early years. That puts more pressure on parents to be right, to perform […]


As an individual, when do you trust someone (a friend, a relative, a partner or anyone for that matter of fact).Most probably, when you feel heard, when you feel accepted as you are, when you feel loved and cared. So, what do you think should make our children trust us with their secrets, thoughts, dreams, […]


” I DON’T KNOW ’” When I heard this n number of times during my counselling session of a teenager ,I wondered ,does he really so doesn’t know or is he trying to avoid talking. We were having a session to help him find his element , his flow . All I could gather was […]

Parenting and creativity

What has parenting got to do with creativity ? How’s child’s creativity influenced by parenting ? Well ,to understand this , we must be clear on what’s creativity ? CREATIVITY IS ONE OF A THINKING SKILL , WE ALL ARE BORN WITH . CREATIVITY IS ONE OF THE MUSCLE THAT REQUIRES NURTURING AND GROWING . […]

How our parenting patterns affect our children?

Parenting Patterns -Really !!!!! When I first heard this word during my Conscious Parenting learnings,I wondered as what could it possibly be . Aren’t we all parenting the same way we have been parented or the way our culture,society ,friends ,relatives do parenting. I know ,with definite exceptions ,of being aware of not repeating certain […]

Revisiting Parenting Paradigm

Nothing else can explain messed up teenagers ,stressed adults better. I use to wonder as why/how do I choose my reactions to my child’s acting out ! Well , it seems to be deep embodiment of childhood conditioning ,extrapolated by social and institutional conditioning . Of all the conditioning ,a child has to go through […]

ART to ponder

Points to ponder Why do we parents enroll children in drawing classes? “He loves to draw and paint and wanted to join.” “She is good in drawing, so to enhance her skills”. “He was sitting idle at home, watching TV , at least learn something” “He loved one class and wants to continue” “She brings […]


“Look at my drawing “beamed my friend’s 5 year old girl, holding colored picture of burger with lettuce and tomatoes shapes and colors. Instant reaction to that good-looking burger was “wow “and I knew we have another masterpiece going on fridge. It’s not that her painting wasn’t amazing or I doubt her skill or potential, […]