What happens in parenting ,which shifts our love for child’s learning to our fear of his future, fear generated by comparison .
Where does this shift happens when the child and parent ,their love and connection for each other is same .
When does the connection shifts to fear of our child will be left behind, will not able to survive in competitive world.

Does these fears are from us or outside world.
Well,we cant ignore the fact ,that the world outside is competitive ,harsh and one has to be really working hard to reach there.

So, what are our options ?
Can we ask questions to address our fears ?

what is the fear ?
why is the fear ?
where is the fear located -in past,present or future?
how to face fear ?
can we just do work ,based on our goal ,without fear?
can we focus on present moment,what can be done now rather then polluting it with future fear.
At the end of it all, FEAR is all about future,which is not in our control and the thing which is with us is only PRESENT MOMENT ,which we let go thinking about future.

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